How to setup the FPS Payment Collection?

Xero is a worldwide cloud-based accounting software platform for businesses. Please visit Xero for more information.

What can the FPS Payment Collection do and how does it work?

FPS Payment Collection is designed to meet your payment collection needs by connecting your HSBC Business Collect account with Xero Invoicing. It is free to connect to your Xero account and enables your business to collect your Xero’s invoice receivables simpler, faster and smoother from your customers via Faster Payment System (FPS) in real-time, 24/7!

Once you have completed the setup of this plugin.

  1. Your customer can see a Pay with FPS button on the Xero online invoice
  2. Your customer can easily scan and pay with FPS QR code
  3. You can receive invoice payments from your customer in real-time via FPS into your HSBC business account

What can the FPS Payment Collection do and how does it work?

Before setting up the FPS Payment Collection, please ensure you have a HSBC business account with HSBC Business Collect service enabled.

Connect Xero account with HSBC business account

  1. Select “Connect to Xero” in here and you will be directed to Xero login page to login
  2. Provide consent to connect your Xero account with FPS Payment Collection
  3. Follow the instructions and fill in the requested details
  4. Review and confirm the details
  5. Done! You are ready to go!